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April 28, 2011


On the Ground: April 28, 2011

by K. Tsetsi

–by TMarie

On the Ground Goes to Hollywood

Er…metaphorically speaking.

Yesterday I was trolling the Joining Forces Facebook page looking for hapless civilians seeking ways to join forces with “Joining Forces.” There were a number to choose from, but I zeroed in on the cleanest cut, best looking face I saw. Gregory Bishop.

I responded to his post and responded to a poll he presented asking about military family needs, then sent him a message to discuss some of his questions.

Later, when I found Bishop’s blog, I realized he wasn’t a hapless civilian at all. He was, in fact, LTC Bishop (Ret), Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Army Entertainment Office in Los Angeles. He has consulted on the television series Army Wives, and movies such as Dear John, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, and even the video game Medal of Honor.

Whoops! My message implied that I’d be happy to help spread the link to the poll for this confused civilian who needed an introduction to the military family!

How awkward. (Story of my life.)

LTC Bishop kindly overlooked my awkwardness and was actually happy to have someone offer to help spread the word. In fact, he needs your voice, too! His employers are seeking ways to help military families, but he would like to present them with a clearer picture of what military families need. Who better to tell them than military families?

Clicking the survey link or image below will open a new window where you can add your voice to those of thousands of other military family members by answering three super easy questions. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like filing a Tricare claim, or a ten-thousand-form PCS.
Please share the survey as widely as possible over the next 24 hours!

(Yes, the survey has a 24 hour window. These Hollywood types and their deadlines… Sheesh!)

Look for a LIFT interview with LTC Gregory Bishop coming soon!

Survey Link:

“On the Ground” is a new effort by LIFT to provide an ongoing
discussion of the Joining Forces initiative from the military family perspective.


Please click here to visit on Facebook and “Like” it for TIME.

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  1. Apr 28 2011

    It’s always so heartwarming to see those who truly do want to show their appreciation and help.

    Thank you!


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