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LIFT is now accepting submissions!

Whether you’re a civilian with a perspective on military life that you’d like to share, a military family member, a military spouse (or friend or significant other), a deployed, Stateside, active duty, Guard, or Reserve service member, or a blogger who writes about military life, we’ll consider your story for publication at LIFT.

What we’re looking for:
honesty, plain and simple. YOUR perspective, whatever it is. Take a look around the site at read a few of our interviews and guest posts to get an idea of what we mean by this.

While we appreciate (and in fact, enjoy) accounts of strength and resilience, they are perhaps better material for military spouse support/networking sites. Because LIFT’s goal is to introduce a new perspective and experience to the civilian community, we’re more interested in stories that can answer this question: “What’s it like to…[suddenly have a family member join the military/join the military late in life/ go to war/come home from war/send a loved one to war/deal with a deployment/function after a homecoming/lose a loved one in a war/move around a lot/etc.]?”


  • LIFT aims to unite civilian and military communities through understanding, awareness, and empathy.
    Your story should further that goal in one or more of the following ways:
  • 1) by sharing your perception of, or questions about, the military community from the civilian perspective.

    2) by getting to the heart of an experience you have had (or are having) as a service member or loved one.

    3) by revealing something about your military/family/friend experience you think the civilian population is
        largely unaware of.

    4) a perspective on Joining Forces for our On the Ground column, or a write up about how you/your     company is taking part in Joining Forces.

  • Stories should be no longer than 1,500 words.

  • Stories may have been previously published on your blog or another website. Just let us know when and where, and include any available links with your submission.

  • LIFT will contact you within two weeks of receiving your story. If your submission is accepted, we reserve the right to hold it indefinitely for publication at LIFT.

  • Not all submitted stories will be published.

  • Submission responses will vary. We may contact you asking for more information, an interview, or to offer editing suggestions, but we will do our best to publish as many submissions as possible that LIFT military life and/or families and bring greater awareness of the real-life experiences to the public.

  • Email submissions Subject: Submission.

  • No attachments, please – include your submission in the body of the email.

We look forward to sharing your stories!

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