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To our civilian LIFTERS: Please take a look at our submitted photos. Are these families so different from yours? Or is it only the job they do that is different? Please share your thoughts below in the comments.

To our military family LIFTERS: Send them in! Send photos, along with family name, date, and location,
to with “Milfam photo” in the subject line.

The Evershed family. Pictured: Alyssa(6), Courtney, Ashton(2), and 1SG Jason Evershed walking back to their car after a 12 month deployment.

August 31, 2010, the day SGT David Eves, 2/23 IN, 4/2 ID, came home from his second deployment to Iraq. In the photo are his wife, Betsy, and daughter, Emily. Also Bill Jimerson, retired Coast Guard and father to Betsy.

The Lawrence Family, Fort Lewis, WA

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The Huston family. Waiting at Sea/Tac for their dad's plane home from Iraq for R&R on May 4, 2010. Jeremy (9), Hunter (13), Matthew (11), and Jacob (7).

Ethan (5), Nathan, Rebekah, and Amber (10) in the Fort Lewis gym following Nathan's deployment. Rebekah, Amber, and Ethan waited 5 hours for Nathan to arrive.

Sgt. Coty Simpson, daughter BreAnn, and wife May the day Coty left for his third deployment.

The Williams family - Clint, Pvt. Kyle Williams, and Ryan. Fort Benning, 2009.

Taylor and Gavin Smith, Fort Drum, 2010.

Captain Ashley Millett playing in the snow with nephew Connor while on R&R, Christmas 2010.

"Picking up John." The Gaivin family, Fort Lewis, May 2010. CJ (13), Ian (7), Ryan (11), and wife Kimberly.

Sgt. Degracia and his baby, Aug. 2010 homecoming, Fort Lewis.

Tiffany and Ryan Fountain after Ryan's first deployment, Aug. 2010, Fort Lewis.

Sabra and Jeremy Butler on Oct. 24, 2010 after his return to Fort Lewis from Iraq.

Ashley and LT Robert Fenoglio after his return from Iraq, Nov. 20, 2010 - Photo by Jenna Marie McPherson

CW4 Larry Williams (Granddad) serving in Iraq 2009-2010, PVT Kyle Williams (Grandson) serving in Afghanistan 2009-2010

Jeff and Katie Norris after Jeff's first training assignment away from home, September 10, 2008, Cincinnati, OH. Jeff is now a 2nd Lt. in the Air Force.

February 2010, Camp Lejeune, NC. "This was the last time I got to lay in my husband's arms before he deployed. Sgt. Williams, 25 (at the time Cpl Williams), slept while he waited for the buses to arrive, but I didn't care that he wasn't awake. The only thing I cared about was him holding me in his arms, hearing his breath and heart beating beneath me. I will treasure the memories of that night till he steps off that bus and back into my arms. Semper Fi Marine Corps!!!" - Amanda Williams

And a year later, in February of 2011…

"Sgt. Williams surprised me with a kiss and scared me, but I have never been so glad to be scared. It meant he was finally home." - Amanda Williams

Rachel and Jeramie Wenger. 1. The day he left for a 7 month deployment, and 2. the day he came home. "Seeing him get off the helicopter made my heart do a million flips <3."

Fort Bragg. SSG Spencer Milo and Sarah Milo on July 10, 2010, the day Spencer left for 12 months in Afghanistan. "Only six more months until he's home! And our R&R is in two months!"

Ronin Miller. "All he needs is Daddy's boots and his Mickey and he's ready to go!" - Shannon Miller

"Henry with his Daddy, at the end of R&R in August 2010. The picture definitely captured how we were all feeling at the end of R&R when the photos were taken." - Henry's Mom, Lora

Upon Jason's return to Fort Lewis from Iraq in September 2010. Heather and Jason with Matthew (7), Joshua (6), Leila & Sarah (4) and Nathan & Ryan (2).

Saying goodbye to Duey - AKA Uncle Jim - as he heads off for deployment.

First deployment when his son was born just before deployment & his first Christmas home after enlisting.

"My brother in-law's enthusiasm over my husband's homecoming." - Karen

SPC Austin Monk & Nephew Damien Bryan at Fort Bragg, NC during Damien's first visit in November 2010.

Brett Rogers and son Cooper Rogers. "I took this picture at my son's homecoming from Afghanistan on January 29, 2011. This is his first meeting with his son, who was born July 18, 2011."

Staff Sgt Heisler and his wife Erica upon return from his 3rd deployment to the Middle East. "He came home to Oregon on April 24, 2010 to a very happy family!" - Erica

"Saying Goodbye" Brendan McShea kisses daughter, Emma, on the day he left for deployment, 2009. Fort Bliss, TX.

SSG Richard and Peggy Nolan, March 10, 2011, on R&R leave from Kuwait in Key West, Florida.

Visiting "Daddy" in Korea. "Madison is 2 1/2. She was just too happy to nap with daddy." - Sarah Roundtree

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Special Events Center on Fort Carson, CO in Sept 2009. The Ten Eyck men (Gabriel, Chris, and Andrew) finally get hugs after the soldiers who just returned from Iraq are released from formation to be with their families.

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