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LIFT is excited to announce a worldwide project: LIFT LINK LOVE,
a paper chain of military family love made with YOUR links.

How it works: Military families and military family supporters will mail their paper chain links to a central location, where a giant, single chain will be created with those links. The chain will be used in a super-sized show of support & unity. Details for the date, time, and location of the display will be announced later.

[Looking for information about how to turn this into a school project?
Click here.]

Are you a military family member? Create your own link! Let your children make their own links. Use markers, construction paper, and anything you want for decoration. Tape stuff to it that means something to you – no one else has to know what it’s there for. (Do you eat a lot of Starburst when your loved one is deployed? Glue a Starburst wrapper to the link!)

Don’t know anyone in the military or a military family? No problem. We’ll take all the love we can get! If you feel for/appreciate/acknowledge the challenges military families have experienced for the last ten years and you want to show the love, send in your link.

Are you a service member? Well, your family wouldn’t be a military family without you. Send your link! Make it out to your child, your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your friends who love you and send you goodies while you’re gone.

Get other people to send in links! Involve the people in your church, set up a table at the PX, have a party, ask local businesses if you can leave a stack of links for people to write on, and then collect them at the end of the week
and mail them in. Send pictures of people making links or share them on LIFT’s Facebook page.

Want to hold your own link-making event? Print out the LIFT LINK LOVE flyer for instructions
as well as the LIFT INFORMATION cutouts. The flyer is helpful to display at your event, and please
distribute LIFT INFO for your link-makers who would like to know more. Click any of the following links to print:


Let’s see how long we can make this chain. Show the love!


_______________ FAQ _______________

What size should the link be? Cut a strip about an inch wide using the short end of a piece of construction paper (plain white printer paper will work, too).

How many links can I send? As many as you want.

What do I write on the links? You can sign your name, write a note, dedicate the link to a military family member you know, draw a smiley face, write a song lyric, glue something to it – it’s your link!

Is there a mail-in deadline? A deadline hasn’t been set, yet; if you have them, you can mail them.

How and where do I mail it? Mail your link(s) as flat strips not yet taped to:

9435 Lorton Market St #206
Lorton VA 22079


LIFT LINK LOVE is endorsed by the following businesses and/or organizations:

Army Wife Network | Enlisted Spouse Radio | Military Avenue | Her War, Her Voice | Powerline Safety

Pop Culture Zoo | Inside the Writers’ Studio | Left Face Blog | | | PROHealth Chiropractic Center


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