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June 1, 2011


Myths & Facts: #1

by K. Tsetsi

Many people have been guilty of incorrect use of the word “civvies.”

For instance, “Look at all the civvies welcoming home the troops at the airport.”

While there are, in fact, civvies at the airport, they’re probably not welcoming home troops (or eating hamburgers or buying books to read on the plane).



Have you misused “civvies”? When and how? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Jim Thomsen
    Jun 1 2011

    Ah, but who is the final arbiter of this distinction? Is there a U.S. Military Manual Of Style?

    • Jun 2 2011

      Jim –

      I’m not sure if the term civvies is actually defined in the military dictionary (if such a thing exists) as “civilian clothing”. However, it would be interesting if a group of soldiers were told told by superiors to show up at an event wearing “civvies” – and they showed up attempting to wear a civilian person.

      – TMarie


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