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Letter to a friend whose husband is deployed


Dear Oldest Friend,

It’s been a few months since your husband left again for Afghanistan.

The last time he was gone, something bad happened, but it was the kind of bad that could have been worse. He was lucky to have escaped with minor injuries, and you were fortunate to not receive that visit.

In the few months since he’s been gone this time around, I’ve written you two emails.

Maybe it’s because I see your posts on Facebook, now and then, and you seem fine enough. Read more »


Resenting the Deployed

[cross-posted at my personal website]

I found this search term in my website stats today:

“resenting husband for being deployed”

If you copy and paste it into a search field, one of the results to turn up is a blog post written by a woman who resents her traveling husband for spending a lot of time away from home. A military spouse Read more »


Sept. 11 Taught Us, but Maybe Not the Right Things

–by Kristen Tsetsi

It’s been ten years since the sunny Tuesday morning when terrorists used airliners as giant missiles, and the question being asked Read more »


Are the Faces of Joining Forces the Right Ones?

–by Kristen Tsetsi

Last night, while watching TV, I caught (not for the first time) the Joining Forces ad featuring Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. Read more »


A Tragic Loss and a Fresh Call to Bridge the Divide

–by Kristen Tsetsi

The deaths that occurred as a result of a Chinook being shot down in Afghanistan over the weekend (22 Navy Seals, four crew members, three Air Force combat controllers, a dog handler, and his dog) has generated Read more »


Ain’t We a War Story?

–by Kristen Tsetsi

I wanted to fist-bump First Lady Michelle Obama when I learned that Read more »


LIFT’s Embarrassing Error Should Have Been Embarrassing

–by Kristen Tsetsi

A few weeks ago, I received an email requesting an article for AOL as part of the Military Family week the company organized in Read more »


Media Coverage of War: Where Is It?

–by Kristen Tsetsi

After March 19, 2003 – George W. Bush’s “Shock and Awe” campaign – it was difficult to leave my living room.There was so much Read more »


I have a confession.

–by Kristen Tsetsi

I don’t know very much about the pressing needs (mental and physical health, FRG support, etc.) of the military family. Read more »


TIME Magazine = Goliath. Alone, I’m No David.

–by Kristen Tsetsi

I’m a five-foot-four person who occupies a very small spot in a small state in a big country. With the help of the internet, there are some Read more »