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April 11, 2011


Kids Reaching out to Kids

by K. Tsetsi

As Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden launch their initiative to honor military families,
LIFT launches its own project to get kids excited about reaching out to others.

LIFT invites school children (and children in other groups! scouts, church, play…) to make links for the LIFT LINK LOVE paper chain as a fun project for the Month of the Military Child.

Making links to a paper chain will inspire their creativity while inviting them to bridge the gap between civilian children and those living both here and overseas in military families.

They can write any message they like on the link. They can sign their name, glue something to it, write the name of someone they know, draw on it, or copy a song lyric or a favorite quote onto the link.

All links mailed to the central location will be added to the LIFT LINK LOVE paper chain, which will be used in a special (and massive) project down the road.

The soft deadline for schools/scout troops/groups/individual kids to have their links gathered and ready for pickup, or to put in the mail, is April 29. (This is NOT the LIFT LINK LOVE project deadline – this deadline is only for this Month of the Military Child project.)

Click the links below to download and print:
1) a link-making flyer that includes the mailing address where all links should be sent, and
2) a sample letter that you can personalize for a specific school asking administrators to encourage their staff to involve students in this project.


Let’s encourage kids to show the love to military kids!

Please click here to visit on Facebook and “Like” it for TIME.

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