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March 12, 2011

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  1. Apr 4 2011

    As the mother of a soldier who served two terms in the middle east…I believe that the media coverage of the war has been woefully poor.
    The coverage has NOT been about the important stories…..The soldiers who have died because of poor decisions made by superior officers. There have been far more deaths from friendly fire than we will ever know. These stories need to be covered. Our soldiers are serving their country and feel betrayed by the very people they fight side by side with. They have no voice…they are instructed to follow orders or face being demoted or discharged dishonorably! They are risking their lives in a war that was not of their choosing…but they felt a patriotic need to serve. The post traumatic stress syndrome they suffer from is terrible….as are the physical wounds. The wounds both physical and mental need to be addressed so our soldiers dont feel abandoned by their country. I dont believe the media needs to cover the funerals…..these should be private services where the friends and family honor their fallen…..but the deaths and injuries….they do need to be recognized and honored!! Honored!! Not just covered as a cover story that may net you an award in your media world…..but as a public service…..CNN….MSNBC…and other media outlets used to have a spot on the morning news where they honored a soldier with a photo and a little story…..where have those spots gone????? The war is still being fought….it is still affecting the lives of the soldiers and their families……this was a wonderful way to honor the soldiers both serving and fallen…..and was done only when a family member sent the information to the media to honor their soldier. Dont forget our soldiers….they deserve to know we think of them daily. WE need to honor them with this recognition.


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