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February 15, 2011


Best Blogs, Websites, and Facebook Pages

by K. Tsetsi

–by Kristen Tsetsi

…because, not only do they have useful, entertaining, and/or informative content, but they’ve also helped spread the word about LIFT. Thank you to all of you!

Military Avenue – “Created by a team of military and internet veterans, is an online service supporting the military relocation, travel, and lifestyle needs of the American military family. This very large family is made of millions of military active duty, retirees, veterans, DoD civilians and contractors, and of course the military spouses and children.

“At, we created an extensive directory of service providers and public services. Organized into over 100 categories, we offer complete views of 231 military installations and their surrounding communities.

“A business that qualifies has the opportunity to become a part of our special program, the Partner Program (MAPP). By partnering with us, businesses can better reach the thousands of military moving to, traveling to, and living in your community every year.”

Army Wife Network -Interactive Empowerment for Army Wives.

“Some call her the Oprah of the Armed Forces”
Katie Couric about Army Wife Talk Radio

“It’s a lifeline for loved ones left behind”
Shepard Smith about Army Wife Talk Radio

Laura Kennedy (Live) – “If you are looking for ACTION based solutions for the virtual side of your business, whether it’s driving traffic, creating products, networking, creating business relationships, or expanding your business, then this is the place to be!  Those of you that have already met me, know that I am all about encouraging business owners to stop pondering and dreaming and get down to the ACTION phase.  Some may even refer to me as the “Task Master” but that’s okay as long as you are making money! After all…that is why you went into business isn’t it?”

J. L. SmithJ.L. Smith is a freelance writer who developed a strong love for the written word as a young child.  She has dedicated Reporting for Doodie to the memory of her mother, Grace Irene Smith, who instilled that love in her.  Much to Judy’s chagrin, her mother constantly corrected her English, making sure she knew the correct way to speak and write.  (Much to Judy’s daughter’s chagrin, she has done the same.)

Her mother was particularly fond of the writings of Erma Bombeck and Judy came to love her works as well, scanning the pages of the newspaper every chance she got for a dose of Erma’s whimsical words of wisdom.

Reporting for Doodie is the first in a series designed to acknowledge and praise the caregivers of our military children.  Her story of commitment, frustration and unwavering love details the ups and downs of her particular tour of “doodie”.  It is a story that ends in the reinvention of herself and one that she hopes others will find to be inspirational and uplifting as well.

Wife of a Wounded Soldier – “I am 28 years old and the wife of a severely injured soldier. I have been married to my husband, my hero, for 5 years. Throughout our 8 year relationship we were seperated over 2 years due to Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 & 5. My husband was severely injured by an improvised explosive device (IED) and spent 20 months rehabing at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. I work for Operation Homefront’s Wounded Warrior Wives Program and Bryan works on bomb robots with a defense contractor. Our life has been a complete roller coaster and I decided to share with others what it is like to care for a combat wounded soldier.”The Front Blog -The Front Blog is an offshoot of The Front Page from WKMS News. WKMS-FM (91.3 FM), is an NPR affiliate perched in studios high atop Murray State University campus in the Doyle Fine Arts Building. Visit our official website.

Pop Culture Zoo – Pop Culture Zoo was started by Joseph Dilworth Jr. to make right what once went wrong. In the 1990s he wrote for one of those cool websites that reports every little film and TV rumor as fact. That is, until one dark day in 1999. Joseph’s main unnamed source, the One-Armed Voice, passed along intel that Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace would be released in ultra-secret two days before the actual premiere. The story was published, but unbeknownst to Joseph his second step-cousin twice-removed (on his mother’s side) and his friends decided to spend the night lining up for the supposed ultra-secret premiere. Unfortunately, they lived in Northern Alaska and ended up as human popsicles by the time they were found the following morning. Joseph’s great step-aunt (on his mother’s side) never forgave him. His parents were none too pleased either. Since then, Joseph has dedicated his entertainment reporting skills to only writing the truth. After spending many years in far away points of Asia, learning the ancient, long forgotten skill of press-fu, Joseph returned home and started Pop Culture Zoo.

The Glamorous Life of an Army Wife – “I’m a 30-something woman, trying to keep a grasp on my youth while slowly letting go of my sanity. I make this happen with the help of my little friends, Xanax and Vodka, and a twisted sense of humor. My life seems to revolve around men, which is my penalty for dating too many of them in my single years. Now I am punished with two adolescent sons, one of whom has Asperger’s Syndrome and gets bullied a lot. The other one thinks he is a stud with the ladies, and will probably result in another teenage pregnancy to carry on our family tradition of unexpected fertility. As if this wasn’t enough manly fun, my father lives with us as he gets his life back together following a split from my mother after 30 years of marriage. Throw in my Canadian-born, US Army Sniper-husband and you’ve got a party (or cult, in some areas of the world.)”

LIFT NOTE: Keri’s blog was nominated on Babble’s Top 50 Mom Blogs List. Help her win! Click here: and scroll down to “Glamorous Life of an Army Wife” (on the second page) and click on the “like” button.

Combat Boots and Diamond Rings – “I am a stay at home mom of four boys & two dogs. My husband has been on Active Duty with the Army now for over 20 years. We have been together 17 of those years.I have gone through numerous separations for his trainings & deployments. I love to read a good book or hit the gym for an amazing workout. I found both help take me away from reality when I get overloaded with stress.I am no different from any other military wife of multiple deployments.I am just trying to hold onto my sanity so my kids can have a “normal” routine, if that is possible when your dad is in a war zone.”

My Camo Kids – “I’m the mother of four, Edo is 11, Pudah is 8, Ladybug is 4, and The Man is 13 months and counting.We are all holding down the fort while Daddy serves his 2nd year long deployment. The first was in Afghanistan 2008 and this tour is in Iraq. From teething to potty training to pre-teenhood and everything in between, there is never a dull moment in this house. The lovely photos you see at the top and sides of this blog were taken over R&R. Best two weeks ever.”

My View From the Pier – “I’m Beth Wilson, a Navy wife. I married my wonderful Sailor when I was 40. I had a fulfilling civilian life going when Scott walked into my life and changed it forever. I could not fully comprehend the changes, challenges, growth and joys that lay before me. Saying “I do” reshaped everything about my life: location, career, marital status, life-experiences, vocabulary (can you speak ‘milspeak’?), friends and, ok, it even changed my body.

“This blog is my ‘view from the pier.’ Somedays the view is beautiful, others, well, humorous, crappy, challenging…you get the picture. I hope you’ll join me on my adding your insight, experience and ‘view’ to mine.

“I mentioned my career changed…I am now a military spouse support columnist, talk show host, speaker and blogger. I’ve been labeled the voice of the enlisted spouse.

“Still madly in love with my sailor, our cocker spaniel, Strydor, and I are still following him across the globe. Currently, we are stationed in southern California.”

LIFT NOTE: Beth Wilson was voted February Military Blogger of the Month by USAA.

Left Face: The Other Milspouse Blog – “This is a place for those of us with a liberal bent, who happen to be military spouses, partners, and significant others. We may not always agree, but we are here to listen to each other. We may argue, but we listen! Discussions won’t always be military related, but the truth is, we ARE attached to the military, so most will!

“We represent families from the Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines, both active duty and reserve. We’d be happy to welcome Coasties, too – anyone else with that little something that says ‘I’m not one of the crowd.'”

The Stepmom’s Toolbox – “After a number of stressful events wth my youngest stepson and my own search for stepmom and stepfamily resources, I gave birth to the idea of creating a resource website for women just like me. When the complexities and complications of stepfamily life create a stew of crazy chaos, I want The Stepmom’s Toolbox to be the place stepmoms turn to for tips, tools, and advice…and a daily dose of peace and poise of mind!”

Ingenious Title to Appear Here Later -I write. I like coffee. I make dorky videos. I am addicted to lipstick and pie.


R.J. Keller lives in central Maine with her husband, their two children, and the family’s cats. She is the author of Waiting For Spring – a previously self-published novel that has recently been acquired by AmazonEncore – and a member of Backword Books. She co-hosts Book Chatter with Stacey Cochran.

An avid independent movie enthusiast, she was Managing Editor of The Movie Fanatic website and currently writes, shoots, and edits episodes of the writer-centric YouTube show, Inside The Writers’ Studio, with fellow Backword author Kristen Tsetsi.

She enjoys rooting for the Boston Red Sox and watching other people cook.

Contact R.J. Keller at:

A Mind Adrift in the West -If you’re born in Washington, raised in Texas and spent your adult years in Alaska, California, Kentucky, Ohio and back to Texas and Washington, where do you go when you decide to embark on the writing life? Montana, of course.Now safely ensconced in Montana, the land he dreamed about as a child, Craig lives in Billings with his wife, Angela, and two first-rate dachshunds, Bodie and Zula. You can catch him on the copy desk of The Billings Gazette, on nearby golf courses and, in the wee hours, at his keyboard, carving away at his fiction. His first novel, 600 Hours of Edward, was a 2009 Montana Honor Book (the only book by a small publisher so recognized) and the 2010 High Plains Book Award winner for best first book. It is available at your local bookseller (on the shelves or by order), through or direct from Riverbend Publishing.

His second novel, The Summer Son, was released in January 2011 by AmazonEncore. Read more about it here.


The Military May Have My Husband, but I Have His Heart

Operation Homefront’s Wounded Warrior Wives

Key Element Jewelry

Military Families Matter

Enlisted Spouse Community

Treasure Our Troops

Army Family 101 / Brat Life 101

If I missed anyone, I apologize. Please include a link to your blog or facebook page in the comments.


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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea, I will absolutely be participating and also blogging about it to (hopefully) gain more support.

    How amazing will it feel when we actually succeed in getting Time to “notice” us. I will be proud to say “yeah, I mailed a letter”. I can’t wait!

    – Just Another MilSposue


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