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January 24, 2011

TIME Magazine = Goliath. Alone, I’m No David.

by K. Tsetsi

–by Kristen Tsetsi

I’m a five-foot-four person who occupies a very small spot in a small state in a big country. With the help of the internet, there are some ways I can reach out to more people than I could if I were trying to hand out fliers or run screaming through the streets, but no matter how hard I try, I’m still just a five-foot-four person who occupies  a very small spot in a small state in a big country. And I’m trying to get the attention of TIME Magazine?

The goal seems easy: get the military community and its supporters to “like” a facebook page until the numbers are so overwhelming the media has to take notice. [If this is the first you’re hearing of this, you can get more information here and here.]

The progress thus far has been extraordinary, I think – as of right now, the page has 524 followers, and the effort only began just over a month ago.

But 524 isn’t nearly enough, and it’s not even a fraction of the people who are either in the military, love someone in the  military, are part of a military family, or who support the military community in general.

An essential component to making this a success is a coming-together of the military community and its supporters. There must be a collective rising up, a mass movement to push this idea forward, and I know no one can do this like the military community. The thing is, they have to know this effort is out there, and that’s where the 524 people who like the facebook page come in, and where you, reading this piece, come in.

Now that you know about it, it’s up to you to help spread the word. There is no possible way it will work without you, without word of mouth, without the military community and its supporters coming together. People manage to come together for all kinds of comparatively unimportant things, two of which I can’t seem to let go of because I keep mentioning them: getting Betty White on SNL, and giving Ashton Kutcher a silly twitter-war-follower win. But people come together, too, for their football teams, their favorite ice cream, a musical group, a fad diet.

There MUST be a coming-together that rivals all of those for this to work. I would love to be able to do it by myself, because I don’t like asking others to do anything, but on the other hand, I’ve been so happy with, and touched by, the response thus far that I’d love to see more of it, and I’d love to see what the military community and its supporters are capable of.

We need more followers on the facebook page, and you’re the only ones who can make it happen – even if it just means sharing the link to the page on your own facebook and twitter pages and encouraging your followers/friends to “like” it. Maybe you have a blog  where you can share the idea. You can even copy and past this entry, or any of the other pieces you find here, into your own blog, if you like, as long as it includes a request that your readers find their way to the facebook page (or twitter page) and “like” it.

Remember: This isn’t about getting the military family slapped on some magazine cover just for kicks. This is about creating awareness of the military family experience, their role after a decade of continuous war, and their indisputable effect on our culture. What better way to show TIME Magazine the military family should be Person of the Year than by coming together as a unified force, a family, in support of a common goal?

I’m a five-foot-four person who occupies a very small spot in a small state in a big country.

TIME Magazine is major.

I can’t do it alone.


Please click here to visit on Facebook and “Like” it for TIME.

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