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January 11, 2011

The Military Family: TIME’s next Person of the Year?

by K. Tsetsi

–by Kristen Tsetsi

Ret. Col. Dale Kissinger writes, “We often hear the President, first lady, service chiefs, senior enlisted personnel and civilian leaders comment on how important the families are to the war effort. There are better support programs within the military now for the families due to this government recognition. Kristen wants to get media attention so the average civilian is made aware of the military family’s efforts as well!

“When I asked Kristen if she had one military family in mind as an example, she said, “…it wouldn’t be fair or right to name that family as a stand-out for this effort. Each military family experience is unique, and to each family, that experience is something new, exhilarating, or challenging, and each family responds to the experience in its own way, and with the same amount of fear, excitement, or strength. As I see it, they’re all equal in that regard.

“Aiming high she has targeted the “TIME Person of the Year for 2011.”

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